How can I join with AceNet ?

By visiting AceNet office , By contacting AceNet office (via phone or email ), Fill the registration form

What kind of packages that AceNet provides?

Personal package, SME’s series, Corporate, and Hotspot

What about the speed ?

  1. Personal package
  • Silver
  • Gold
  1. SME series
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

What is the coverage area ?

Our coverage area : Denpasar, Ubud, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Tabanan, Gianyar, Karangasem

How to get internet service at my house, villa, bussiness office and restaurant or hotel ?

Our CSO will direct you to sales staff who will do a survey and register your personal data. You can send the full address and phone number to our sales or simply email to  as survey order .

What kind of personal data are needed to register ?

register a survey or trial for installation, just sent your  copy passport or another ID .

What is survey location for ?

AceNet is a wireless internet broadband provider, and the survey is neccesary needed to check the signal possibilities and  optional equipment. For example, the surveyor staff will visit your house and check your building site plan, checking your power/electrical position and also checking your center point for the internet cable or wi-fi position. In some places, customer needs to build a tower pole stick to get maximum signal quality.

Is there any installation fee  ?

Installation fee is just at first payment and one time only. Installation fee is not for buying the antenna transmiter, but for life time receiver devices guaranty. Installation fee is not including tower pole stick and wi-fi or local network equipment devices.

What about if in my house has no Local  Area Network (LAN) and I need to use all  computers and laptops connecte

If the customer need to share the connection or connecting with more than one computer or laptop, so you need to buy an optional device such as:

–          Switch HUB,  for  your local cable network  sharing .

–          Router wi-fi : for covering the wi-fi connection (without cable)

If you need the price and solutions for the LAN and wi-fi just contact the marketing staff and they will survey your location .

Note : Local network configuration setting will be charged  per case .

Is there any fee for survey ?

There is no fee for doing a survey, it is free of charge .

Is there a trial period for the service ?

AceNet offers you 3 days free trial one day after the installation. First payment will be charged after the trial period is over. If the customer agree with the service, our CSO will contact you for the activation and collect the payment .

Is there a minimum contract ?

Yes, at least 3 months. If the customer stop/cancel the contract less than 3 months, it will be charged extra one month monthly fee.

If there is a problem with the connection, is there any technical support ?

First assistance is from our CSO that will help 24 hours and if the problem can not be solved by phone, then we will send the technical support (available from 8am until 4pm)

Is there any quota ?

Our connection is unlimited access for 24 hours without any quota

How about the billing payment ?

AceNet provides several methods for the payment :

–          Pay directly to our main office

–          Transfer to :

–          BCA Account no. 611-026-9488

Account holder : PT. Bali Soket Informindo

–          MANDIRI account no. 145-000-55-67-272

Account holder : PT. Bali Soket Informindo

–          Courier service :

Our courier will collect the payment to your place with extra charge Rp. 15.000,-

How much is the bill that the customer should pay for ?

Based on the package that the customer choose

How to deliver a complaint ?

–          Just contact our CSO at 0361-7421099 and 0361-7800299

–          Or email us at

What if after the installation I need to move to another place ?

Send your new address to our sales, so that they can do a survey for the new location.  Re-installation or moving the installation will be charged Rp. 300.000,-

Is that possible to upgrade or downgrade the service package ?

Yes, the upgrade and downgrade the service will be accepted minimum one month.  If the upgrade less than one month (30 days), it will be charged one month full fee for the new package and plus the old package monthly fee.