Company Name

PT. Bali Soket Informindo (AceNet)

Company Headquarters

Year Founded



AceNet is a multimedia broadband provider that operates under PT. Bali Soket Informindo. Established in Bali on February 2006, with the purpose to build and provide multimedia infrastructure in the region with international standard.

Our Mision

    • Become a reliable multimedia service network with the best technical support in Bali and beyond
    • Develop best competence in the field of network that enables the network to provide high-tech services and appropriate
    • Develop innovative services in the field of network and multimedia synergy

Corporate Culture

AceNet team is dominated by young people who have high integrity, motivation, dedication and professionalism. Pleasant working environment is reflected in the relationship between management and staff. Professionalism in working and the satisfaction of the staff is a values ​​that we follow to motivate the team in producing creative and high productivity.

  • Clean. Work professionally, honest, trusted and guided by the principles of good corporate management
  • Customer Focused. Oriented on customer needs and commit to give the best service to the customer
  • Capable Master the best competence to be able to compete locally, nationally and internationally. Discipline, hard work and responsible.
  • Confident Have a high confidence, has a positive self-image, committed and have a far-sighted vision
  • Care Kind, respectful and have a high awareness of the 3P (Profit, People, Planet)

Our Commitment

The entire ACENET team believe that customer has the right to get the best from us. ACENET commits to always giving the best service. Our experience, commitment and expertise are our assets to satisfy customers . We proudly offer the best package with Unlimited service package. We expect the customers and us have a good relationship. We serve with heart and best support.